Material Test Facility

The MT CoE lab, a SVA-GRIHA 5-star rated facility, has received the accreditation for testing thermal properties of building materials from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

A well-organized state-of-the-art facility offers testing services for thermal characterization of opaque and non-opaque building construction materials. The material testing facility at the MT CoE has so far tested more than 150 construction materials, including over 30 emerging building materials. The establishment of such testing facilities equipped with advanced-age testing equipment is a noteworthy move towards bridging the gap between the building energy regulations and stakeholders’ demand for promoting the use of low-cost energy efficient building materials. As an NABL accredited lab, stakeholders are assured of test results and services provided by the facility.


Testing services

TPS 500 S
Testing Standard
ISO 22007-2

Transient Plane Source Method

Scope: Applicable to homogenous
& isotropic materials

Thermal properties measured
  • Thermal conductivity (k-value)
  • Thermal Diffusivity (α-value)
  • Volumetric heat capacity (C-value)
  • Thermal Resistance (R-Value)

Guarded Hot Box (GHB)
Testing Standard
ASTM C1363

Steady State Method

Scope: Applicable to homogeneous as
well as material assemblies

Thermal properties measured
  • Thermal conductivity (k-value)
  • Thermal Transmittance (U-value)
  • Thermal Resistance (R-Value)
  • Thermal Conductance (C-Value)

Testing Standard
ASTM C1371

Emissometer with the Scaling Digital Voltmeter

Scope: Applicable to both flat as
well as non-flat surfaces

Thermal properties measured
  • Thermal Emittance (ɛ-value)

Types of building materials tested at MT CoE

Bricks & Blocks
Material Assemblies
Glazing Products